Having small feet can be very challenging since most of the boots come In the medium size hence finding a store that considers this can be very challenging hence the need to look and have a method that ensures that you get the right size of your shoes hence the need to know what exactly to look for when choosing a pump.


When choosing a shoe for petite feet, you will have first to leave a five-millimeter space for the fingers to that is your toes this can be able to give your toes the area it requires for them not to be squeezed that is if the shoe is a closed shoe.


When buying a high heel at, you will have to know that the top heels do have a lot of pressure on the legs so if you don't want to squeeze your feet in a  high heel that is open you might consider a medium heel that does not pressure the leg too much.


You have to consider if you have round toes or if you have pointed toes the rounded toes do have a lot of room for movement in the shoe unlike when you are wearing shoes, and you have pointed fingers this can be very stressful because you might find a petite shoe for you but the pointy fingers do not allow the pump to fit.


At the end of the day people have different feet so you will have to choose a shoe that makes your feet feel comfortable and free hence you will have to look whether you are the closed high heel type or the open high heel type this can be very relevant especially when you want to rock high heels in an important event. You may also watch and gather more ideas at


A lot of people  do choose the  shoes at that squeeze  or that are tight this is because they expect  the boots to  stretch with type this can happen to some but there are other  shoe manufacturers that do not produce the shoes  with an idea of  letting them pull  hence at the end of the day you will end up not using the shoes because they  won't stretch at all.



In order to get a shoe that does not squeeze you and fits perfectly the best thing to do is to measure the boots when it is in the evening or the afternoon by doing this you can provide your shoes perfectly since the feet have expanded due to the heat and walking hence you can be able to wear the shoes at any time.